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Build the future of Out in Tech.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Out in Tech Leadership Team!  We're seeking leaders to help us strengthen and support the LGBTQ+ tech community, and our growing network of nearly 12,000 members nationwide.

Approx. 25% of our 40 leadership roles are open, and it's generally a year-long term:

  • New York Leadership Team:  plan local events and partnerships in NYC
  • San Francisco Leadership Team:  plan local events & partnerships in SF/Bay Area
  • Community Team:  connect members in between events via email, social, web
  • Expansion Team:  grow Out in Tech from 4 cities to 8 by end of 2017
  • Digital Corps Planning Team: amplify digital voices in support of LGBTQ rights

Time requirements: Approximately 1-2 hours/week, with the kind of event attendance that wins awards (remember that certificate from elementary school? nah, me neither)

The deadline to apply is Saturday, April 15.


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